To 2019

It is hard to dance when your feet are broken.

It is hard to hug when your arms are broken.

It is hard to love when your heart is broken.

It is hard to sing when your voice is broken.

It is hard to fly when your spirit is broken.

It is hard to run when your legs are broken.

It is hard to remember when the silence is broken.

It is hard to forgive when love is broken.

It is hard to trust when the bond is broken.

It is hard to dream when your reality is broken.


But with some glue, things get mended; new families created, and families are blended.

With loving hands life’s garden gets tended; with some love, feuds and struggles are ended.

With some trust, things we have we can lend; with good friends our reputations they defend.

With some luck, new people befriended; with a healed heart, love is extended.


With our hearts and with our head, for the ones alive and the ones that are dead.

To be better us’ we must crack and break; loved ones and memories we must not forsake.

And when things get broken and we know that they will, we must pick up the pieces because there are holes to fill.

Holes in our memories and holes in self; it is not necessarily the things that you buy that are examples of true wealth.

We must dance and sing whether broken or not; making use of the leftover parts of us that we’ve got.

The old you is still there, the cracks just let the light in; the transitions is in motion and your ‘new’ life begins.

There will be times that our spirits get bruised; we will get chewed up and spit out and feel what it is like to be used.

We may suffer loss and betrayal and grief with no end; but that does not mean you are nobody’s friend.

In the hardest times in the cold and the dark, we must trust ourselves and not extinguish our spark.

The spark will grow fire tried and true, and the new amazing thing that will form is you.

This new you is a you that does not match the you that you know; but this you, the new you, is the best you you can show.

You will never stop changing and time won’t stand still; trust your spirit, trust your heart, your mind and your will.

This year is a new year the old one long gone, it is time to let go, be free and move on.

From seed to root, sapling to tree; it never ends how you think, embrace the journey, you will see.


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