Ocean City

If you want to participate, here is the link: https://carrotranch.com/2019/02/07/february-7-flash-fiction-challenge/

Her life was boring and she knew it. Several times she tried engaging but felt it was like trying to merge onto a freeway from a stopped position so she eventually gave up and gave in. This would be her life.

That was until she noticed the interstate sign that read, “Ocean City, MD 3,073 miles”.

Passing it on her daily commute, she looked forward to it, had to see it. It called to her.

So with her suitcase in tow, she called in sick, driving east towards the rising sun in Ocean City where destiny awaited her arrival.

WC: 99

Prompt: write about a sign


7 thoughts on “Ocean City”

    1. Totally agree. I’d like to think she finds her true self in Ocean City 😉 A shift in perspective and a lot of guts is really what you need to answer the call. I am a firm believer that life is all about the journey and not necessarily about the destination. Her destination might be Ocean City but it will be the journey that changes her forever.

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