The Work of Many Hands

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Many working hands tend the garden of life.

A gently cupped seed planted and nourished with time, care, attention and love, will eventually grow into its destiny.

Not every seed is a Redwood but not every seed has to be.

The duty of the many hands is to encourage growth through recognition that each seed is beautiful just how it is.

Even the sometimes unwanted weed transforms from flower into wish when allowed, carrying delicate childhood hopes on easy summertime winds.

Rumination, germination, exploration, devastation, explanation, contemplation, motivation, illumination, education…

Every hand on earth shapes the garden of life.


WC: 99

Prompt: Write a story about the work of many hands


5 thoughts on “The Work of Many Hands”

    1. Thanks, Charli. I appreciate the kind words. This was a more difficult prompt for me than usual but eventually the idea worked itself out after the usual dwindle down process. Your very thoughtful introductions to the prompts are so helpful to get the creative juices flowing. I appreciate so much your dedication, time and your sharing of the knowledge that many hands have helped you discover.


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